Monday, December 13, 2010

Swatches: No7 Limited Edition Christmas 2010 MirrorBall Eye Palette!

Another set of swatches, this time it’s the No7 Limited Edition MirrorBall Eye Palette which contains 4 shimmering eye shadows.

I love the shimmery effect of the shadows, and 3 of the colours are perfect for me... but I’m not a big wearer of light blue eye shadow, at least as a main colour; it just doesn’t suit me but I’m thinking maybe I could use it in conjunction with a darker blue – what do you think??

With flash (both with and without day lamp, sorry I mixed them up):


My mum has been eyeing mine up, she’s just like me – a magpie, anything that sparkles and she’s straight on it! The shimmer actually seems to be made up of very, very fine glitter particles which give the glistening, rather than glittery finished effect – I really like this, but I’m not sure my camera has caught it very well.

No flash:

No flash (day lamp):

Pigmentation is fine, it’s easy to build up the colour you want to give the effect you’re going for; it’s just a lovely little compact that I think most people would be happy to receive on Christmas day and at £12.50 it won’t bankrupt you.

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