Monday, December 20, 2010

Front Cover Wide-Eyed Set - Swatches!

More swatches of Front Cover, this time it’s their Wide Eyed set and I’m swatching the shadows and pencils from the set. This is currently available in Boots stores (sold out at, priced at £22 but also included in their 3 for 2 offer.

This box set is really well thought out both in terms of content (pencil sharpener that is suitable for chunky pencils, mascara and sealer etc) and also the colours; I especially love Nightshadow, Coffee Liqueur and Pewter metallic pencil (the chunkier ones) but all the colours included are very wearable really - with a number of looks included on the 'inside cover how to guide' which is not only very useful, but also inspires me to try new things too.

The daytime shadows seem a lot more pigmented than the baked shadows when used dry, but the baked shadows really come into their own when used wet, I really recommend you using them wet. I love using the shadowline, as this allows me to be more creative with my choice of liner colour, since it turns the shadows into eyeliners.

The Kohl’s come with a smudgy tool at the other end, which is always handy. They’re really pigmented and seem slightly metallic/shimmery – especially the brown. All the pencils are easy to work with but I would definitely recommend that you use a primer with them to help them last longer when being worn.

I really like this set and feel I’ll be getting a lot more use out of it throughout the year.

L-R Iced Green, Tandori Spice (No flash - day lamp):

 With flash:

L-R Nightshadow, Hades, Vanilla Ice, Bluebell (No flash - day lamp):

 With flash:

L-R Vintage Peach, Coffee Liqueur (No flash - day lamp)

With flash:

The pencils:

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