Saturday, September 17, 2011

Asos Order - Done!

I've been 'window shopping' for bags for a while on Asos, putting items into my basket and then not being able to choose which ones I should buy, and in which colour. So when I got to my bare minimum in terms of the styles I really loved the look of, I decided not to choose which colour, and instead ordered them all. My thinking being that I can send back any that don't grab me so much in the flesh (that's the theory, I might actually like them all - eek!) and then at least I've made some progress.

My items!

  • Asos Twist Lock Satchels in Mink and Tan - £42 each!
  • Asos Twist Lock Satchel in Chocolate - £35 (showing as sold out now though)!
  • Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Trio - £8.75 (total bargain)!
  • Nica Alicia Satchel, Black - £30!
  • Rocketdog Boots - £28 each!
  • River Island Superskinny Jeans (still can't believe I'm buying 'super skinny' anything, hope they fit, ha) £27!
  • Firetrap Wysteria Boots in Grey Suedette - £40!

I'm still waiting for the majority of my order to arrive, just one bag arrived so far with a broken clasp, so that is bring replaced. What do you think of the items I've bought?


  1. Love satchels also!
    I had such a mare finding one for Uni which fits my laptop in (its halway between full size and a netbook) This really limited my choice when searching. I ended finding a tan one in Primark for £9! Im off to get some comfy boots too. Essenstial. Lovely selection of items! :)


  2. I think I have fallen in love with those firetrap boots! I'll be needing some like that in winter, maybe with a flatter heel though.



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