Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Manicure with Errrm... Certain Ladies Products!

Ok, this might not be the most glamorous post I've ever done, but it is one that I thought you lovely ladies would be interested in all the same.

Basically, if you buy specially marked packs of Always and/or Tampax Pearl, you'll be entitled to a free manicure at 'one of hundreds of beauty salons across the UK' - visit here or here to find salons close to you, but do this before you go out and buy these packs especially for the offer, just in case there isn't a salon close enough to you! You also need to be able to print off a voucher, but you can buy multiple packs for extra manicures!

For more information about the offer, you can use this link or the aforementioned links above!

Closing date for the promotion is 31st March 2012 (specially marked packs will be available in store until Decembre 31st 2011), so there's plenty of time to take advantage!

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