Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Blake Lively!

Beautiful sleek hair, and fresh, natural make-up!

Cute Pooch - I want!
Very natural but still stunning.

With Gossip Girl surely coming back to our screens in the very near future, and with my previous Leighton Meester post, I thought it only right that I should also feature the equally beautiful Blake Lively. She's the kind of girl who would probably look as good in a bin bag as she does in couture, yet still manages to keep the natural, fresh faced girl next door appeal all at the same time. 

Her hair is to die for, so long and luscious and she seems to suit any (and every) style that she decides to rock at the time (although I have to say, whilst I liked her with red hair, I do prefer her blonde) - I'm definitely a bit jealous of her hair (and figure, skin, wardrobe, lifestyle etc etc)! ;-)

What do you think girls (and boys?)... do we likey the lively? x

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