Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MAC Blue Flame - Swatch & Mini Review!

I’m still currently working on my computer errors (backing up now ready for a reformat) so my ability to photograph, edit and upload new products is very limited (also known as nonexistent) at the moment. However, whilst backing up, I came across a couple of photographs for a MAC eyeshadow that I have yet to post about, I believe that it’s from the Cool Heat collection from about 2008 ish?! I bought it from The Cosmetics Company Store at Bicester Village a while back but haven’t really thought about posting about it until I found the 2 photographs whilst rooting through my files.

Anyway, it’s a really nice shade of blue and actually, I think it could be the one that got me wearing more blue shades again, as I don’t think I had worn them for many years after wearing them (badly) in my teens, ha! It can be a bit patchy when used dry, I find that using a bit of saline/Fix+ on a brush (just a very small amount) and using it ‘wet’ (actually it’s only just damp, so don’t go soaking your brushes) gives a much better finish both in terms of evenness and also pigmentation too!

The photographs were taken on my old camera, and the flash reflecting against the sheen of the shadow has washed the colour out a bit, it’s actually a bit darker on the skin do apologies for that – and apologies for the lack of new products, I think I might just have sussed a way to work around the issue without reformatting straight away, it’s only a theory at the moment, whilst I’ve been writing this post, actually but hopefully I’ll have some new product posts asap.


  1. My favourite blogs are the ones with comprehensive reviews but to-the-point and not dragging. Plus, I admire good pictures. And whenever I visit your blog I never leave without reading the entire post. I so love your posts and pictures.
    P.S. Blue is my favourite shade for eyes. It looks so enchanting.

  2. wow that looks seriously amazing!
    i have to have it haha

  3. Thanks guys, it's a great colour - nice and bright, but also nice over a blackened base too! x

    Shang - Oh wow, thank you so much - this completely made my day to read that you like my blog so much. Thank you thank you thank you! xx


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