Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party Season Make-Up - Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick

I've been planning out my party season make-up recently so thought I would do a series of posts to show you some fabulous make-up that is perfect for partying the night away this Christmas!

The first product I want to show you is a gorgeous cherry red lipstick from Sisley that just screams Christmas to me. The lipstick is a beautiful shade of red, it leans towards blue rather than orange which I generally prefer (and is a bit kinder to the colour your teeth, since orange tones have the bad habit of making your teeth look a bit discoloured) and I think would be suitable for all skintones; even if you don't normally feel that you can wear a red, as there's enough pink in this to stop it looking too in your face - especially if you use a light hand to apply it.
The lipstick comes in a luxurious gold bullet that, much like YSL's packaging just screams high end - it even has it's own little velvet 'coat' which is quite cute and will offer some protection to the gold casing should you want to sling it in your bag and take it out with you. It has a rosy scent to it, and rose is actually a scent that I really don't like generally, but this is very subtle and actually not at all offensive to my nose - thankfully, since it's worn right under it haha!

I'm very impressed with the pigmentation in this lippy, I used a fairly light hand with my swatch application, and you can see that it's still very vivid indeed. It also lasts quite well throughout the day, considering it's a hydrating formula that would normally slip off a bit quicker on my lips - I got about 4 hours wear with it, and it faded pretty evenly too, which is an important factor for me!
Indoor daylight with flash!
Daylight with flash!
All 3 outside in daylight, no flash but various angles to show how it the pink comes through!
I notice that lanolin is at the top of the ingredients list, I expect that this is where a great deal of the hydration comes from as it's said to be able to hold 200% of its own weight in water! It's a key ingredient in the Lanolips range, a range that has the USP of being hydrating and good for your lips... so this is great to see as a major ingredient in this product! Let's face it, products that make your lips look dry (or actually do dry them out) are never a good idea!

Apologies for the lack of lip photograph, with the cold of weather, I've had a bit of a chapped lip issue that I'm currently working on getting rid of, so the pictures wouldn't have been as nice as I'd have hoped for you!

Available from House of Fraser and John Lewis for £31!

Sisley Website!

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