Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wahanda Launches Personal Gift Finder!

If you're stuck for what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas (and let's face it, it's not far away now) then maybe Wahanda could be your new best friend, as they launched a personal gift finder gadget a short while back!

Some people are just difficult to buy for, don't you think? I find male reatives extremely difficult to buy for at Christmas as my dad never wants anything when you ask him (even though he knows we're always going to buy him something, so he may as well just tell us the kinds of things he wants to make it easier for us), and my brother in law generally just buys what he wants, as and when he wants it... plus his birthday is on New Years Eve so there's double presents to find for him in a short space of time - pain in the bottom.

So this seems like quite a good idea, especially for my brother in law who is a bit more prone to a bit of grooming and such like than my father, and I decided to give it a whirl to see what it suggested for said brother in law.

It's quite simple, nothing too in depth - a few simple options to choose based on gender and personality traits with options to narrow your search further within those results. For my brother in law, I chose Male (obviously) and well groomed (ish, haha) and I got results offering spa days and treatments, gym packages, hairdressing, manicures, waxing and more... so there is a plethora of options available.

It's not perfect, I think it could be a bit easier to narrow your search by area (there's a map, but I'd prefer to just type in the area if I am honest) but it looks like a great place to start if you're struggling, or if you know somebody who might like something from there instead of being given a pile of stuff that may just get stuffed in the back of their wardrobe!

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