Friday, December 2, 2011

Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2!

Yep that's right, a sibling palette to the massively successful Naked palette is on its way to our shores (I believe it's already available in the USA - lucky things) and it looks like a stunner! I got a few photographs from Urban Decay's Facebook page to show you, in case you had completely missed all talk of this before now!

Available in January 2012 from Debenhams, and other retailers from February!


  1. wow i thought this was a rumour but so happy its true! <3 looks amazing i love it!!

  2. Ermm.. Available January 2010? I thought I'd gone completely insane then!

  3. Mr AJBx3 - It looks fab, doesn't it! x

    Diana - Haha my finger must've slipped on the numerical keypad... rectified, thanks. x


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