Friday, December 16, 2011

Schwarzkopf Live Salon Style & Louise Redknapp's New Colour!

Louise Redknapp has been announced as the new face hair of Schwarzkopf's Live Salon Style, a professional quality home hair colouring system, and with it has unveilled her newly darkened hair colour. I got a glimpse of her new hair colour on Something for the Weekend recently (without knowing about her affiliation with Schwarzkopf), and I have to say, I instantly loved it. I think she looked great with her blonde hair, but her 'new' hair is now super glossy and the warm chocolate hue (that is perfect for the colder weather) really warms up her complexion too!

I also think it makes her look younger, possibly because it reminds me more of her when she was in Eternal and her surname was Nurding... god I loved that group 'back in the day'!
I know that whenever I've dabbled in being blonde, I always struggle to get any shine into my hair and in fact this is often one of the main reasons I go back to darker hues - and to let my hair recover from the bleaching processes that I put it through to get to and maintain the blonde, of course!

The new Live Salon Style range is their first professional quality home hair colour that claims to give professional grey coverage, shiny looking hair, and most importantly a true colour result - something I'm very happy to see, because as I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of home hair colourants are notoriously bad for getting the true colour result that it shows on the box. I'd actually be very interested to see how well this works out - since this is one of the reasons that I get my colour done in a salon!

To recreate Louise's new colour you can use Schwarzkopf Live Salon Style Shade 4-8, Chocolate Brown - I've embedded a little video from Schwarzkopf above to help with your application technique too!

If you're undecided on which colour you might like to go for, then why not try out their Live Salon Style Colour Booth App on Facebook! I tried the app out and whilst my 'highlighting' of my hair wasn't great (it wasn't even good, it was crap - just look below), I actually found it very useful and came out wanting pretty much every colour in my hair.
Sponsored Post - Views and bad colouring on the app are completely my own!


  1. LOVE IT!! Looks fab, its a good tone for you :)

  2. Thanks gorgeous, I think I will actually go that shade when I decide I've had enough of the reds... if I remember rightly, I think it's similar to my natural shade anyway haha! x

  3. the redknapps rule & spotty beckhams drule, YNWA!


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