Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Plan a Wedding!?

My wedding ring.
Yesterday was my anniversary with my fiancé, 8 years we have been together... engaged for 6 of them, yes that's right, SIX frigging years of being engaged and we still haven't even set a date for the wedding. This is due in part to us buying a house that has subsequently eaten every spare bit of money we have - and by spare, I mean money that isn't allocated already to buying make-up and pretty things (ha)!

So, with the desire to be married before I draw my pension (I'm 31 in less than one month and time is flying by), and without a lottery win to help our cause (it would help if I played it, of course), I've decided that I need to start making plans to finally get married as the house will never stop costing money and not planning anything will get us nowhere.

Now, I don't want my wedding to appear cheap, but it does need to cost as little as possible and without cutting huge corners, so I'll have to get a bit creative. This is why I've decided to blog about these things here and there to help me keep record of everything - and also because I'd love to hear your thoughts on things as and when I post about them.
My ring again.
I have my beautiful, gorgeous wedding ring already, thanks to Goldsmith's and Tesco Clubcard Deals (romantic, I know) so that's one huge expense that I don't have to worry about, but I think that's about it as far as things I can tick off my enormous list goes.

So, if you have any hints, tips or ideas right now, feel free to comment and let me know as it's quite hard to know where to start. x

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  1. I got married two years to day after getting engaged, mainly due to financial constraints, in the end the spur to just get on and DO it was a bereavement in family. It was planned in just 4 months, small ceremony just immediate family meant the smaller room at register office didn't cost as much, of asked everyone to pay for a meal at a local pub with a varied menu and reasonably priced. But key thing is do what you want, don't be bullied into spending lots of money to please other people (says she who got married in black!)

  2. You should check out The Knot ( it's an amazing website which has ideas, lists and a sign in with a countdown to the wedding :) It's an american sight but still worth a look :) x

  3. Aw your ring is lovely - best of luck with the wedding planning. I think if/when the time comes for me I'm just going to run away to Vegas! :-)

  4. Stunning ring! And six years - definitely time you got down the aisle! I reckon you can do a wedding on a small budget, I've always held the opinion that I'd never splash out excessive amounts on a wedding. The thrifty vintage lover in me wants a vintage wedding dress, and my obsessive control freak side makes me want to do EVERYTHING myself!

    Making decorations is lovely and makes the wedding really personal I think, there are tons of awesome ideas on the internet and a lot cheaper than buying overpriced 'wedding' things! And if you've got a friend who's good at making cakes, they might be able to do you a wedding cake as a gift?

    Good luck with it! :) Keep us updated! x

  5. the ring is gorgeous! The thing with weddings is that you have to avoid getting carried away, my wedding was with 25 close friends and family members. (I planned the thing in 6 weeks lol so more people were not able to take a day off for the event) And we did a ceremony and high tea at a nice location. Not sure if your own place is big enough for a group of people, because the location is the biggest budget killer. Last summer my neighbours had a big party in their own garden and they provided the booze and instead of a buffet they had a hotdog and french fries vendor drive by :)

    We were lucky that a friend of ours is a professional photographer, but I do regret not having placed disposable camera's so everyone can take silly pictures, because trust me, the day is over in a blur and the blink of an eye so those pictures of the guests will show you the event from another angle.

    For dresses, consider checking ebay, I recently got a fress from a sweet chinese seller and I was blown away by the quality of the gown, plus my 2000 dollar maggie sottero is manufactured by thesame chinese seamstresses.....not sure about the fit? choose a lace up gown so you can adjust it. (I lost weight from the stress of planning, with a regular dress I would have had a problem :)

    Well darling, I wish you a lot of fun with planning your big day! remember, at the end it is all about you and your future husband having a day to remember for the rest of your lives, so make it about the 2 of you ;) big hug!

  6. Such a beautiful ring, I can't wait until I get married or engaged eventually :)


  7. Hello my dear - I don't know you saw my post from a few weeks ago about planning weddings so I'll link it here:

    Let me know what you think!

  8. Have your ceremony as late as possible with only close friends and family then have an evening do with a buffet (the best you can afford) for as many people as you want/can afford, then you don't need table flowers, a huge meal or to offer drinks!

    Pick a week day and the venue might be cheaper. Pick a non-weddingy time of year and you might get a dress etc. in the sales.

    Spend your money on the things you really want and do away with things you don't. Buy a plain marksies cake and put fresh flowers on if you don't know a cake maker. get a family member to do photos etc.

  9. This really helped me plan my wedding


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