Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Not At All) Wordless Wednesday - Save Something For The Weekend!

You may have noticed a lack of post from me yesterday (then again, you may not lol), I had aimed to get something up but I had the most bizarre day that basically came about because I started a Facebook page to try to save the fantastic programme, Something for the Weekend. It's currently shown on BBC 2 on a Sunday morning, but due to BBC cuts (and not bad ratings) is due to be axed.

I love this programme, I watch it religiously and as a veggie it really appeals to me because it always has at least one vegetarian option available in the cookery slots; it also has great banter, fabulous guests, gadgets, cocktails and a chunk of football chat (also coming under banter) thrown in there for good measure.

Well, clearly a lot of people agree with me as over 22,000 people have 'liked' the page to support the cause, many of which have also taken the time out to make a complaint to the beeb. That's not even the bizarre bit any more though, the bizarre bit is that I also had 2 phone interviews yesterday, firstly by Radio Times online and then by a BBC journalist working for BBC Radio 5 Live... which then resulted in me having a short, yet scary LIVE on air radio interview too.

To say I was cacking myself would be a huge understatement, I struggled to even remember to breathe for most of the conversation and was sure I'd mucked it up, but if you fancy listening, a friend of mine recorded it and sent it to me so I thought I'd upload it.

If you love this programme too, please do join the Facebook page and show your support.

Normal (ish) service should be resumed very soon, and sorry for the non-beauty related post. x

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