Friday, January 6, 2012

FashionistA Eyeshadow - Shade 24, Brunette Bombshell!

I recently purchased a bunch of FashionistA eyeshadows after becoming intrigued by the brand and their magnetic nail polishes (will post about these soon)... I say a bunch, but iwas actually about 26(!) of them, which shows just how extensive their range is, as this wasn't even the whole collection!!

I'll be reviewing/swatching them individually as it's easier for me that way, especially where the photographs are concerned as some of the shades I have chosen are *fairly* similar and there's a possibility they would get muddled up if I was to photograph them in large quantities.

Brunette Bombshell is a rich, chocolaty brown that has a metallic sheen to it that looks ever so slightly different whenever a different light catches it. I absolutely love the colour, it's neutral without being boring and I am a complete sucker for glitz, shimmer and all things that shine.

The shadow has quite a soft, almost buttery texture to it and it blends beautifully... although there is a little fallout when applying it (you can see it a little on the swatches), nothing too major though and certainly not enough make it unusable.

These FashionistA shadows all retail at around the £4 mark and there appears to be offers on the range quite often, meaning that you can often purchase a number of shadows for a lesser cost, or you can buy the shadows and get a free palette etc. I bought mine when there was a 5 for the price of 3 offer on but I know there have been different offers available since the release of the range.

In all fairness though, they're not expensive shadows without an offer, and the quality for the price paid is exceptional. :-)

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