Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paul & Joe Spring 2012 Collection!

With Christmas and New Year all done and dusted, it seems right (yet very wrong all at the same time) to crack on with upcoming spring collections, no?! This beautiful looking collection from Paul & Joe is right up my street, and that of any other cat lovers' (obsessives) too, I expect. The fantastic feline products are fun, look great and come in an assortment of fab colours too - have a look!

The standout product in the collection to me are the Blusher Sticks (£21 each), I mean come on... they're shaped like cats(!!), of course they stand out. Although actually, I could probably never bring myself to use them for that very reason, but what the hell, they're great! They come in shades: Glamour Puss (soft beige), Minou (pastel pink) and Cat Fight (energetic tangerine).
Matte Pressed Powder
I might also find it difficult to break into the Matte Pressed Powder (£28) and Face and Eye Colour CS (£19.50 each) too because of their lovely little cat prints. Am I the only one who would find it difficult to 'break' these, is it weird (haha)?

Face and Eye Colour CS shades are: Siamese, Please (neutral bronzes and beiges), Kittycat (matte nude and pearly pink) and Purr-fect (smoky, yet subtle ivory and moss).

I am loving the look of the lipsticks (£16 each) that come in 3 shades; Sex Kitten (sexy beige), Meow! (natural pink), and Catwalk (healthy orange) - the final 2 being the shades that are calling to me. I also love the little paw prints in the lipstick, it's little touches like this that make Paul & Joe really stand out for me.

Three nail polish shades are included in the collection (£10 each), and whilst colourwise they all seem to be quite generic shades that don't really stand out to be as being special, they are still lovely and worth buying if you don't already own that kind of shade - and the bottle is gorgeous, as ever with P&J. I could still be surprised by these in real life, as from the stock images I can't really see if they have any shimmer or anything different about them. Shades available are: Tigress (nude beige), Kitten Claws (elegant pink) and Mainkineko (flirty pink).

Finally, also included in the collection is a waterproof gel eyeliner (£16), purrfect for creating cat eyes, and comes with its own little brush which looks great.

So, what do you think of the collection m'dears, do you likey or not? x

Available February 1st from Beauty Bay!

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