Monday, October 15, 2012

Boots Star Gift of the Week - Fearne's Favourites Hatbox!

Hello my lovelies, are we all well? Apologies for the late posting with this, I had fully intended to post it when it went live, but I was rushed off my feet getting ready to go and visit family over the weekend.

Fearne’s Favourites Hatbox is this week's star Gift Offer, down from £35 to £17, which seems like a decent enough price; and whilst I haven't used any of the products in this range (so can't comment on how well they perform etc), it does look like a cute gift to give somebody for Christmas/a birthday! And I am totally coveting that hatbox.


Keepsake hatbox,
Eye Shadow Compact with 6 shades,
Black mascara,
Body Wash (200ml),
Body Lotion (200ml),
Body polish (200ml),
Body Spritzer (75ml),
Hand Lotion (50ml),
Body polisher,
Drawstring bag.

Offer ends Thursday 18th October, or until stocks last!

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  1. This looks amazing for the price that its at now ! I love the packaging :)

    Beautiful Dreams


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