Monday, October 29, 2012

Boots Star Gift of the Week - Gok Bag of Indulgence!

This week's Boots 'Star Gift of the Week' is 'Goks Bag of Indulgence' from his popular bath and body range. The bag is actually a lovely looking vanity case, and I'm very tempted by this offer, just for that alone haha! That being said, the bag is stuffed full of fabulous sounding products containing various oils that you just know are going to be good for your skin, especially the argan and almond oil varieties.


  • Body wash with rose oil (200ml),
  • Body lotion with rose oil (200ml),
  • Bath essence (200ml),
  • Body butter with Argan oil (180ml),
  • Body polish with Almond oil (180ml),
  • Gold coloured body puff.

 Have you used products from the Gok range before? Does this tempt you? x

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