Friday, October 5, 2012

Models Own Wonderland Collection!

How amazing does this collection look? I need them all! For me, Models Own are truly on form with the collections they've been releasing lately. I find their nail polish to be easy to apply and generally quite long lasting too - plus they're super affordable, which is always a bonus!

This description is from their Facebook page:

"Five magical polishes ranging in gradients of subtle to dense glitter for a sophisticated grown-up glimmer. For a manicured finish use the iridescent shades to give an accent of glitter, or be brave and layer up the polish until it's opaque! Each polish gives a different nail finish from frosty to full on snowstorm: 

  • Jack Frost, a wash of iridescent soft sparkle in a translucent cloudy base; 
  • Snowflake, a mesmerising transparent mix of white gold flakes; 
  • Southern Lights, an opaque holographic multi-tonal glitter in a lilac finish; 
  • Northern Lights, a fine holographic multi-tonal glitter in a pink finish; 
  • Blizzard, a dense mix of hand cut glitters to give a silver day-night sparkle!"

They're apparently available in Boots stores and the Models Own Bottleshop (Westfield, London) right now, but I'm trying to get more details as to if it will be available online any time soon too.

What do you think, are these calling to you?

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  1. It says on Facebook that it'll be online from 12th October. I actually bought Northern Lights and Southern Lights in Boots yesterday, saw Blizzard too, but not the other two.

  2. I just saw these on facebook and could'nt believe how pretty they were ! I think i may have to break my nail polish spending ban and get one of these :/

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. this is going to be hard to resist when it's out!!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. These really are calling to me, especially the pink holo. Not bought anything from Models Own for ages so this may be the start again!

  5. I love the shades especially the northern lights. I usually prefer pink shades because it looks girly. I want to try this with the glittering effect because i will attending an evening party this weekend.

  6. Just noticed your comments, ladies. Glad I'm not the only one who has coveted them. I've ordered them and hopefully they'll be here within the next few postal days!! xx


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