Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boots Star Offer of the Week - Boss Orange Evening Essentials Gift Set!

In my Boots post the other day, I said I was looking forward to seeing what offers they had in store for us in the run up to Christmas. Well, as scary as it feels, that run up apparently begins now, as they've unveiled their first star gift of the week for 2012!

The Boss Orange Evening Essentials gift set is now £29.50 until Thursday 11th October, saving you a whopping £30.50 on the original price of £60.

I love this fragrance, it's beautiful... I'm a little bit gutted though, because I already own a brand new bottle of it. So, I have a dilemma, do I buy a back up (even though I have a huge amount of perfume to get through), or should I restrain myself and save my money for something else?

It's a tough call for me, but this is still a great offer and would be perfect as a Christmas gift for one of your loved ones, or even as a little gift to yourself (if they/you haven't already got one, of course).

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