Monday, September 13, 2010

Blinc Heated Lash Curler!

I remember the days when curling your eyelashes meant holding a scissor-like clamp right on your lashes and *squeeeezing* them firmly to make sure they curled. I also remember the fear I felt that I may actually catch the eyelid with said clamp and really hurt myself; hence I didn’t really use them that much. Not to mention that the pressure used can actually damage the lashes, and that is not good news really. I am sure many other people got on perfectly well with them, but for me I was just not confident enough to use them regularly on myself.

Things have moved on a little since then and thankfully there is now a style of eyelash curler that I feel confident and comfortable using, all hail the heated lash curler. It seems like the obvious choice really, as we use heated appliances to curl and straighten the hair on our heads; so why not use heat to do our eyelashes too!

There are heated clamp style curlers available for those who are comfortable with that style, but also want the added benefit of heat to help ‘set’ the lashes but personally I feel like they’re double the danger for me.

The blinc heated lash curler in particular is a bit like a wand with a little comb head, and even though you don’t have the clamping action I feel you still get a decent curl from it. It uses a single AAA battery (included) and only takes 20-30 seconds maximum to heat up; you can see when they’re ready to use as the red indicator window at the back of the head of the wand turns to yellow.

To get a lovely curl that will last, all you have to do is ‘brush’ the comb up the lash whilst gently forcing the lashes back and then hold for a few seconds to 'set' them in place; start with the middle and then do the side lashes - it's as simple as that.

There is a safety guard that prevents the heat from being too close to the eye area, and the wand also delivers the ‘precise amount of heat that can set a long lasting curl without damaging your lashes’ so there’s no fear of singed eyelashes, thankfully.

The first curler that I was sent had a loose battery fitting (so the connection to connect the electrical circuit wasn’t able to be made, thus no worky) so that had to be replaced with another one that has worked perfectly. I am only mentioning this as it is something to consider when purchasing this product; it’s not something that I would say should stop you buying it as it is easily rectified as you can check right after purchase/delivery (depending how you buy it) and ask for it to be replaced if it is a unit with a dodgy connection.

This may not be for everybody, but personally I love it and will be using this heated wand from now on.

The blinc heated lash curler is available from Harvey Nichols and at its official retail price of £18, or from having a quick glance on google I see you can get it cheaper at HQHair for £14.50 and BeautyBay for £15.75 so it’s worth having a shop around before you buy it.

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