Saturday, September 4, 2010

Body Hair - Grooming?!

So, Julia’s recently been snapped again with her (hairy) arms in the air, waving (well lifting) them like she just don’t care! I truly believe that she doesn’t care at all; because anybody who is willing to lift their arms up without having first defuzzed them is very, very brave. It's even more brave (or stupid - however you wish to look at it) when the world's paparazzi are nearby watching and taking photos. I salute her for having the guts to do it, but really could not imagine being as bold as to do it myself; in fact I will be getting mine lasered off soon.

What do you guys make of it?


  1. I wouldn't be caught dead on the beach without having defuzzed, EVERYWHERE! But I too salute her, she just doesn't care and sometimes thats refreshing to see.

  2. She looks absolutely amazing, her armpits are so unimportant I don't see why it's a problem for anyone. Good on her...

  3. Women are supposed to look neat & clean and this isn't a clean sight ...Well, I don't see anything brave about being un-clean while she has the money & means to be the most beautiful woman on earth ...

    1. Clean? Shaving has nothing related with clean. If you read carefully medicine studies u'll see that in fact shaving brings much more infections and makes your body unclean.

      And Julia is very cool with such armpits. I really hope that other stars in 5-10 years will do the same, and so all other womens. And this will be really free society, where u can meet as many unshaved girls, as shaved. Not like now, when all girls look identically...

  4. "Women are supposed to look neat & clean" <--- WTF?!
    Women can look how they wish!! Hairy armpits does not make anyone unclean. Sad, sad, sad - get a life.

  5. I agree, it's definitely a personal choice. x


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