Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tweezerman Limited Edition Polka Dot Swarovski® Tweezers!

“Bring on the glamour and show off some Bling. Being truly fabulous means never sacrificing quality — luckily you don’t have to choose: outfit your beauty kit with the unparalleled, award-winning function and brilliant style of our world-famous Slant® with these Special Edition Swarovski® Crystal bejeweled tweezers. Stainless steel with enamel colour finishes.”

I couldn’t help myself when I saw this special edition pair of Tweezerman tweezers, they totally satisfy my magpie urges as they are littered with Swarovski crystals. At their RRP of around £26 you may think they’re pointless and that an ordinary, cheaper pair of Tweezermans would do the job just the same and to some degree, you’d be correct. 

Just look at them though, they’re so pretty and sparkly that it begs the question who WOULDN’T want to use them and then see them looking so pretty on their dressing table? Plus, they’re an investment, they will survive the test of time (providing they don’t get dropped) and they also benefit from the free sharpening for life deal that Tweezerman offers, as per the rest of the range. Not to mention that if we all went for functionality over looks/style then there would be no fashion or beauty industries to start with, and probably no use for tweezers at all for that matter *shudder*.

They're available in 3 colours, but I chose black.

Directions for use:

• Always tweeze one hair at a time in direction of hair growth.
• For expert brow shaping, use the broad side of the Slant for general tweezing and flip tweezer to use the tip of the higher side of the edge for precision work.
• Clean only the tweezer tips with an alcohol-moistened pad after each use.
• Clean crystals by rubbing lightly with a clean, smooth cloth.
• Do not soak tweezer body in water/solution or heat-sterilise.
• As with any fine crystal, handle with care.
• When not in use, keep in case to avoid dulling or breaking by scratching against or dropping on hard surfaces.

TIP: If you can, try to tweeze AFTER a bath or after steaming your face as it should hurt less because your pores are already open from the heat! Whilst I am aware that it’s fairly well known fact, I thought it worth a mention anyway – just in case there was somebody who was unaware of this.

You know you want to... (I felt like Keith Lemon on that Celebrity Juice advert then, ha) x

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