Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tangle Teezer - Teeze Me Baby!

Advantages: Works on wet hair, Detangles, Decent price, Suitable for all hair, Good for children, Easy wash

Disadvantages: Maybe a handle would be good for those with restricted movement.

The Tangle Teezer is the brainchild of ex hair colourist, Shaun Pulfrey that was originally shown on the TV show, Dragons Den where it was deemed ‘not a business’ by the dragons. Thankfully this did not put Shaun off and he re-mortgaged his home to fund the launch of the product which has been a huge success ever since; I bet those dragons are really kicking themselves now!

The brush is essentially just a piece of well moulded plastic, but the vital difference in this brush from any other brush is that the bristles are specially positioned and designed to flex just the right amount to remove tangles and minimise tugging that can cause damage to the hair. These bristles are also said to help smooth the cuticle which gives a more sleek finish to the hair because smooth cuticles sit flat and create more shine.

I bought this brush because I started swimming, and hated leaving the pool with wet hair that couldn’t be brushed until it was dry. This brush has been perfect for this use; I have been able to leave the pool with relatively ok looking hair since its arrival, rather than messy wet rats tails that I had rather shamefully been sporting previously.

The Tangle Teezer doesn’t have a handle, and sits quite comfortably in your hand due to its shape and size. To actually use the brush, is pretty much the same as any other brush in that you just run it through your hair, and whilst most other brushes would possibly require you to not brush too hard, Tangle Teezer is said to work best with more pressure being applied. You can even use the bristles to give your scalp a little massage and get the blood flowing to the follicles – not to mention it just feels bloomin’ lovely.

This brush really does work well when getting any tangles or knots out, but also works just as well as an everyday brush on wet or dry hair. You can’t use anything heated with this brush, I expect this is because it could melt due to its chemical makeup, although I wouldn’t use this for styling anyway. I just love knowing I can run a brush through my hair right after washing or swimming though, so much better than having to use a comb in my opinion.

When these brushes were first released there was a choice of pink or black colour rise, now there are 5 of them in the original design according to the website comprising of oyster green, pearl blue, purple glitter and the original pink and black ones. There are also new additions in the forms of the Tangle Teezer Compact (3 colours black, pink/black and gold/black) that have an RRP of £11.99 each, and also the flowerpot that seems to be aimed for children’s use (2 colours, pink and pale blue) which has an RRP of £12.99 each. They are available in a variety of places from Boots to Amazon and many many other places, usually priced around £9.99. I paid £9.75 from Amazon, but rather annoyingly I have recently seen them for £7 at hairdressers shop near me.

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