Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Popping My Cherry With 'The Body Shop' Lip Butter!

Advantages: Moisturises, Non greast, Non sticky, Cheap enough!

Disadvantages: You need to reapply it more than normal lip balm type products.

I eyed up this lip butter for a good few weeks online before buying it, I wasn't sure how heavy duty it would be on tackling my dry lips because it was a lip butter rather than a balm that I am more used to. The website information states:

‘A rich, intensive moisturiser for the lips with tantalising wild cherry. Its creamy butter-like texture melts onto the lips to help prevent dryness, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and kissable.'

  • Wild Cherry Oil - For it's moisturising benefits
  • Community Trade shea butter - leaves skin soft, smooth and supple
  • Community Trade organic beeswax - an excellent skin conditioner'
It was when I was at the airport ready to go to Malaysia that I decided I would buy it; and I saved a bit of money in doing so as there was 30% off all the products that were already cheaper than normal stores anyway. I paid approximately £2.40 each for this and a shea butter one (that I am yet to use), which is a saving on the usual £4 price for the 10mls of product that you get. Ok it's not going to make me rich but as we're always told by a certain advert 'every little helps'.

The butter is pale pink in colour and has a lovely creamy look to it which appeals to me as I am quite a girly girl. It's quite low in the pot which means that you don't have a lot of room for manoeuvre to get the product out, especially if you have nails that go past the tip of your fingers. I tend to use the back of my nail to 'scoop' a little product out and then use another finger to apply it which seems to do the job.

If I am honest, I would prefer to have a smaller pot that was full to right near to the top with product as aside from the usage issue, it makes it look like half the product has already been used. Other than that, I do like the pot it is in, the screw top stays on (from my experience) which means it won't mysteriously come off in your handbag meaning it also won't get covered in the even more mysterious handbag fluff, the top also isn't too tight to get off; like Lush lip balms tend to be.

You should probably be aware that if this product gets warm, it does get a lot softer and like a normal creamy texture, which means you shouldn't prod your finger too hard into the pot otherwise you will get a big butter overload.

This lip butter has a delicious scent that hit me straight away, although not like your usual cherry scented product but lurrrvely all the same. It also doesn't really have a strong taste so to speak which is good because it means less/no licking it off straight away but it does take some getting used to because with this kind of scented lip product there would usually also be a little bit more taste from my experience. If the scent wasn't there, or it was more of a herbal/medicated scent like Carmex then personally I wouldn't expect a taste but because it smells sweet, I do - weird.

You only need a tiny bit of product to give your lips a decent covering, I made the mistake of getting too much onto my finger the first time I used it; so Mr Beauty Scoop got to wear it with me too on that occasion. Smoothing it over my lips was easy and although I did have some residue left on my finger but because it was a butter it was easily absorbed and had no sticky feeling either.

This was the same on my lips, it felt lovely, creamy and moisturising with no stickiness; although this was also partly its downfall as it just didn't seem to last that long on the lips, even without me licking it off. The look on the lips is quite nice, a bit of a sheen but nothing over the top, perfect really as if I wanted full on shine, I'd put a gloss on too. I did reapply it a lot more than usual but the moisturising feeling it gave felt worth it as my lips did go softer than before so it felt like it was worth the little bit of extra effort.

Whilst this hasn't got rid of my dry lips on its own, using it with my Lush sugar scrub does seem to be improving the overall condition, so when I finish the pots that I already own I would consider buying more.

As a final note, this product doesn't appear to have parabens in it which is great for all those people who are allergic to them.

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