Thursday, February 24, 2011

Avon Luxe Lace SuperShock Mascara!

I was so wowed by the gel eyeliner in the Avon SuperShock collection that I got all caught up in trying that out and posting about it that I completely forgot about the mascara that I was also sent at the same time.

Well, I’ve now taken the time to try it out (many times) and it’s a good job I did as I was missing out on a fantastic product by letting it slip under the radar. The brush is rather big, which at first I thought would make it difficult to use but actually does a perfect job of applying the product to my lashes evenly and without clumping; which leads me to the formula which is equally as fabulous, thickening and separating my lashes even with just one coat. Lovely.

The mascara lasts brilliantly, I’ve never found myself with panda eyes when wearing it and actually on the one night that I rather naughtily (and shamefully... and quite possibly drunkenly) fell asleep before I’d taken my makeup off (including the mascara), I woke up to find my mascara fully intact – very impressive.

This is available for £8.50 at the Avon website... or your local Avon lady but I’ve also noticed that there’s another SuperShock mascara on the Avon website without the Luxe Lace packaging that could quite possibly be the same formula for £5.25 at the moment.

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