Thursday, February 3, 2011

MAC Venomous Villains Magically Cool Liquid Powder - Truth & Light

This powder was part of the MAC Venomous Villains collection from 2010, and was the lighter of 2 available shades; and whilst I realise that it has already sold out, I do also know that it is still available to buy on eBay and suchlike so I thought it still worthwhile to post up the swatches for those who are still considering their purchase.

I really love this, and every time I use it I’m still amazed by how cool and well... wet it feels on my skin; I think this is going to be really lovely to use in the summer when my face could do with the cooling sensation a little more than it does in the winter months – although it does do a great job of brightening my complexion when it needs it through this time.

I also love the subtle shimmer, and I often use it in place of a normal highlighter although I never really use it all over my face.

I found it difficult to get a decent photo of the powder on my skin as it really is very light and subtle so please excuse the lighting in my pictures, but any lighter and the powder just went to nothing in the photo.

This is the powder without any blending to the left and only very slightly thinner to the right, using no flash!

Blended a little (Flash)
 Blended a little (No Flash)


  1. Don't pay extra on eBay, this is coming back soon in a new collection this summer (minus the ugly face of Dr Facilier)!

  2. Fab, thanks for that - I had a feeling it may be back, but hadn't heard anything. x


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