Friday, February 11, 2011

Models Own Pink Fever (Spring/Summer 2011) Swatches!

This polish is one of the Models Own shades for Spring/Summer and I’m yet again really very impressed with it overall. I hope you like the swatches, please excuse the application etc!

I’ve been wearing this polish for a few days now and there’s no chipping or signs of wear – this is fabulous for any polish in my book, but even more so because this polish only costs £5 (or less if you take up the multi purchase offer on the Models Own website where you get money off if you buy more than 3 polishes).

 Daylamp (No Flash):

It also applies very well and dries in a reasonable time, which is very important to me as I’m quite rubbish at waiting for my nails to try – patience is not my forte.

Daylamp (No Flash) - I showed this because it shows a lot more of the purple tones:


I love the colour, it really is stunning; in some lights it looks a very vibrant pink/fuchsia but in others you see the violet/lilac that runs through it which in turn keeps me from getting bored with it.

Like it?

Disclosure: PR Sample

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