Friday, February 11, 2011

Buzz Magazine Barry M Gift Swatches!

Here are the swatches and my thoughts of the Barry M gift in tomorrow’s ‘Buzz’ magazine from The Sun newspaper!

Nail polish - I like this, it’s quite a thin polish in consistency but the pictures show 2 coats which I think looks quite reasonable, do you? The colour is quite a flattering shade, a muted red with a slight hint of pink (very slight) – I like! I obviously haven’t had chance to test the wear on the polish, but I think even if it lasted a day, it would be worthwhile to be honest!

Eyeliner – This is actually very good, it’s not as pigmented as my Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner (which appears to have become my comparative when comparing eyeliners) and you do need to run it along the eye more than once to get the depth, but I will happily use it. The swatches show both one fairly heavy handed swipe and also a few swipes next to it – I think you can tell which is which?!

The lip gloss was a bit of a disappointment really, I liked the look of the colour in the tube but that’s probably about it. When I applied it to my lips, I found it to be too thin and because of the colour it just seemed milky, in fact if you had a rude mind you could have been excused for thinking that I’d just walked off the set of a porn film... which I hadn’t, by the way!

Because of the consistency, I couldn’t get the gloss to stay put, and if I pushed my lips together it all just collected in the last area that my lips were together, adding to the porn star look I might add. I’ve never used a Barry M gloss so I don’t know if this is standard for them, just how it seems on my lips or looking worse because of the milky colour?! I had a bit of a play around after the initial application and found that if I literally just used a dot of the gloss on my lips that it looked a lot better – so maybe if you used it less for the colour and more for a very slight sheen with a tiny amount of product, it would work better for you.

The photo below below shows the milky look on the lip a little - there are worse photo's but I really couldn't face posting them up.

So all in all, it’s not a bad little set and for the price of the newspaper I think (in my opinion, anyway) that it’s definitely worth it even just for the 2 products that I liked... and like the song says ‘2 out of 3 ain’t bad’

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