Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boots & FrontCover Rainbow Eyes Reborn Offer!

Frontcover Cosmetics’ hugely popular Rainbow Eyes set has been reborn (as you may or may not have already known) due to its instant success back in 2008. The set contains 25 ‘directional colours’ of which 20 are their baked formula that can be used wet to create amazing looks with fantastic depth. Also included are new and improved applicators and Shadowline – that’s the product that turns any of your eyeshadows into eyeliner.

Sound good? Well something that might just make it sound even better is that it’s now back on offer at Boots for a limited time only (from today until 19th April) for just £15, half its usual price – a total bargain if you ask me.

I expect that this may sell out at this fabulous price, so don’t hesitate if you want one as you may find yourself with empty hands (and sad eyes).
Also whilst browsing the Boots website for this link, I noticed that the FrontCover To Go set was available for just £5 - I'm sure this is the one that was £35? Anyway, go look!


  1. I absolutely love these sets. I still have a lot of my original Rainbow Eyes left, but the applicator bristles are a bit bendy and put colour where I don't want it. If the Reborn version comes with the same applicator as the newer set, as photos seem to suggest, then maybe I can use that as an excuse to get one.

  2. So cheap the second one only £5 heehhei have to look. The first one i bought it long time ago half price as well :)


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