Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Food: Cheese & Onion Pie!

This was my gorgeous cheese and onion pie that I made a couple of weeks ago as a belated nod to National Pie day. It's so unhealthy (cheese and pastry, come on - and that's not mentioning the mashed potato that accompanied it) but it tastes so good. I try to balance it out by having smaller portions and a huge side salad though - not sure how much good that does, but it's the thought that counts.

It's so easy to make, just use a basic shortcrust pastry recipe (I used this one but you could also buy ready made stuff), roll it out and line a pie tin - or even a small, oven proof plate with half of the pastry (after lightly greasing it).

Grate a LOT of cheese into the dish (I prefer cheddar), remembering that the cheese will melt so you should add extra in, just to be sure ;-) and some finely chopped onion too.

Top the pie with the second half of the pastry, crimp the edges to seal the pie and then stick a knife in the lid to allow steam to escape!

You then need to egg wash the top (that's what makes it gorgeously golden, but you can use milk if you'd prefer), before baking at a medium-high heat until the pastry is cooked and looking golden brown. The cheese and the onion always seem to be ready at just the right time when doing it like this - but if you cut your onions a bit bigger, you may need to pre-cook them a little before!

Then.... devour, yum!

This post originated at www.thebeautyscoop.co.uk


  1. Oh god I'm starving now. I make a spin on Nigella's Supper Onion Pie about once a week - it's like a massive cheese scone with sweet, simmered onions on top - perfect hearty comfort food for a vegetarian and cheese fanatic like me. I think I'm going to try making one like this next!

  2. This pie looks delicious, especially the pastry!

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