Monday, March 19, 2012

Sure Maximum Protection!

Deodorant may not be the most glamorous of beauty items, and is probably something that you don't think too much about. However, having a good deodorant is essential for feeling confident, because let's face it, nobody wants to get hot and smell/feel like they smell like the bottom of a teenage boy's laundry basket; let alone have wet patches on show for all to see.

Sure claim to have the perfect solution to these issues, in the form of their 'Maximum Protection' deodorant, a creamy deodorant stick that offers around the clock protection from wetness and odour. Sure Maximum Protection is formulated with 'TRIsolid innovative body responsive technology' which has 3 important components, including:

  • The maximum wetness protection ever from Sure
  • Encapsulated odour-fighting technology, and
  • Skin moisturising ingredients.
This protection is said to last throughout the following day, even after a shower which all sounds good to me on paper, so I've been putting it to the test to see how these claims stand up in real life when I'm in situations that are outside my normal comfort zone - so, make sure you come back on Friday to see what I've put it through, and how well it worked.

Sure Maximum Protection is available from all major retailers for around £5.30 (45ml) although prices may differ between them.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant - Confidence
  • Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant - Sensitive

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