Thursday, March 8, 2012

My First Michael Kors Watch - MK5361!

I had lusted after a Michael Kors watch for a long time before I got my hands on one, partly because I couldn't choose which one I wanted from all my favourites, but also partly as I had a secret yearning for the most expensive (and glitzy) one I'd seen at around £449-499... the MK5361.

I finally decided to go for this one when I saw it on sale (half price), late last year; I quickly made it my own and have treasured it ever since. It's beautiful, a total statement watch and I love it.
It's bigger than any other watch I own, I'd say that I've ever owned, but I owned a pop swatch 'back in the day' and whilst they weren't quite so substantial, they were rather large. It's also heavier than any watch I've ever owned, but not so much that it gets in the way and rather surprisingly, I find it very comfortable.

I don't wear it like a standard watch, I don't sleep in it and I certainly don't bathe/shower in it but it still gets a huge amount of wear from me. I reach for it a lot in place of a bracelet/bangle as I find it more comfortable, since it's more snug fitting and doesn't ride up and down my wrist yet still as 'decorative'.

I'm led to believe that the crystals on the face and bezel are swarovski crystals, but whatever they are, they're gorgeous - sparkly but actually not to the point of overdoing it.

I can't gush about this enough, but owning it has only given me the taste for more. There's about 4 others that I'd like, but in particular a rose gold one quite similar to this, that I'd like to own (and have been lusting over in Selfridges in Manchester, whenever I go in).

I'm trying desperately to justify paying the £400 price tag for it, but so far I haven't managed to do so - especially when it would be instead of being spent on something more sensible like paying the money off the mortgage, or putting it towards the wedding/things for the house and the million other things we need.

As soon as I can, I'll find out the model number of that one to show you (for you to lust after too?)... but until then, here's a few more gratuitous pictures of mine. Apologies for the slight over exposure in some of the pics, I really wanted to show how the crystals caught the light - so my pictures don't do it as much justice as it should.

What do you think? x

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for a while now and keep dropping HUGE hints to my hubby lol!

    Becks x

  2. Gorgeous, I've seen the rose gold one too and it is stunning!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You must one very happy lady. xx

  4. It´s a stunner but I´m a bit daft and need numbers on my watch ha ha! I´ve wanted a rose gold watch for so long (my budget definitely won´t stretch to Michael Kors though, sigh..)


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