Friday, March 23, 2012

Sure Maximum Protection - My Verdict!

On Monday I posted about the new Maximum Protection range from Sure and today I am back to let you know my thoughts on the deodorants that I was sent to try out. The aim was to try these out when I knew that I would be out of my comfort zone, as that's when my body would be more likely to perspire - which is much nicer than saying sweat, don't you think?!

My trial began on Saturday when I travelled down to London, I was loaded up with luggage (I never can seem to travel light) and had to navigate the tube with said bags as a result - and if you've ever been on the tube, you'll know how warm it can get down there. I did get warm, but not once did I feel like I was in danger of getting wet patches (eww) because of the heat.

Once I had dumped my bags at the hotel, I proceeded to the shops where I tried on plenty of clothes in a bid to find a new outfit for the next day - this is something that always gets me hot and bothered, but things were surprisingly pleasant in that department too, I'm pleased to say.
The only photograph I took at the SFTW studio, sorry for phone camera quality!

The next day is where I was completely out of my comfort zone, as I was visiting a TV studio to watch the last ever Something for the Weekend show, live. I knew that I would be nervous as I've never done anything like this before, I also knew that the studio lights would add to any heat that I was already generating myself. This is where the real test came into force as if the deodorant failed me at this point, I would quite possibly die there and then, on the spot; I mean, how embarrassing would that be!!

Luckily, it passed with flying colours. I felt confident, fragrant and most importantly, dry throughout the day - which actually turned into an afternoon, then evening of drinking before travelling back to Manchester, bags in tow. I arrived home feeling as fresh as I had when I left the hotel room that morning, and the fact that not once did I feel the need to check to make sure I didn't smell throughout the day, spoke volumes!
The deodorant has a creamy consistency that is smoothed into the skin.

Just to prove to myself that this product WAS the reason for my underarm 'drought', I made sure that I continued to use Sure Maximum Protection before I went to have my hair coloured this week. I'm quite used to having this done, however I do always get very hot as they wrap you up in many layers to protect you from colour spillage. This, combined with the heat lamps that they put you under, the heat of the salon and also the heat of the sun blazing in through the window would usually be enough to send me into meltdown, literally, but this was not the case that day and I put that down to using Maximum Protection!

So, all in all it has been a very successful trial - and a surprising one, as to be honest, I wondered how something like this could help in such a significant way. I mean I am not an overly sweaty (errgh, I really hate that word) person, but I'm certain that these situations would have created some perspiration, and to feel so fresh, dry and confident was a real revelation to me.

There are 2 varieties available currently, Senstive (purple packaging) and Confident (pink packaging) and I think they both smell absolutely lovely, and both have the same degree of effectiveness against odour and wetness.

Sure Maximum Protection is available from all leading retailers priced at around £5.30 for 45ml of product which isn't too bad as you only use a small amount per underarm (2 clicks each), and is a very small price to pay for the confidence that I gained from using it.

Sponsored post - my views remain 100% truthful and unchanged by this.

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