Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celeb Sunday - Lindsay Lohan! :-(

This makes me so sad, Lindsay looks so much older than her years these days - and her peroxide blonde hair and full on make-up do little to help her cause, it's hard to believe that she's just 25 years old, since she practically looks twice her age, at least.

Her lips look like they've been injected, and frankly, appear too big for her face, her eyes look small and tired and her skin, dull. It's such a shame as she was so beautiful - many people, myself included, would have given their right arm to have had her natural beauty, and, if rumours and news stories are to be believed, then a life full of drink, drugs, partying and general excess have taken a huge toll on her appearance. She doesn't even look like 'Lindsay Lohan' anymore.

I think this serves as a reminder that whilst it's good to have fun, it's more important to look after your body; because as shallow as commenting on how she looks seems, what really worries me most is that the outward appearance of her face/skin etc could just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damage she's done to herself and her body.

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  1. OMG 25 years old! You are so right - she looks double! There is hope for us all!

  2. This is really sad. When you compare to photos of her just a few years ago, it's scary what a toll her lifestyle has taken on her face!

  3. So sad. I think she's had some sort of cheek fillers too, which is weird. 99.999999% of women under 25 don't need surgery or fillers!

  4. God, I wouldn't even know it was her. She looks hideous and old. :(

  5. A massive difference to the girl we saw in Mean Girls. Soo so sad. She certainly doesn't look her age.

  6. Mean Girls is one of my favourite all time films and I every time I watch it I can't understand how she could go from that to this. I know addictions are complicated but if she's not careful we'll be reading about her death in 10 years time. What a waste!


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