Monday, August 1, 2011

The Latest Stem Cell Facials - Save 60% For 2 Weeks Only!

They say:

"With celebrity fans including Denise RichardsStem Cell Facials have been hailed as a breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare in the US. Now available here in the UK, this results driven facial works to heal sun damaged, wrinkled skin, stimulating cell rejuvenation and leaving your skin firmer and younger-looking.

How does it work? The Signature Stem Cell facial uses a unique blend of peptides, fruit enzymes and botanical stem cells to plump, polish and firm your skin.

Benefits of Stem Cell technology include:
- Instant, visible tightening effect and lift to the skin
- Improved appearance for fine lines and uneven textures
- Brightening and hydrating
- Antioxidants protect and soothe the skin
- Cell renewal and regeneration
- Gentle exfoliation using pineapple and papaya
- Refinement of the complexion creating a smoother, healthier and softer appearance
- Botanical Stem Cells combat the signs of ageing where the skin needs them most

As with any innovative therapies, Stem Cell facials are an expensive investment. However, thanks to Wahanda, you can now try a course of three facials for the price of £65 – that’s 60% off, saving yourself a huge £100! Snap it up quick - this fantastic offer will be valid for 2 weeks only.

Each treatment will last 45 minutes at DestinationSkin clinics. Locations throughout the UK will include Westfield London, Basingstoke, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Glasgow, Guildford, Manchester and Reading."

I say:

After doing some research into this exact treatment (the one being offered on this Wahanda deal) by having a fairly lengthy conversation with the clinic over the phone, I have found that this is NOT the treatment that Denise Richards has had (and was shown on YouTube), but something entirely different, that gives 'similar' benefits. Denise's treatment consisted of stem cells from sheep placenta and included the use of a laser machine before application.

This treatment is plant/fruit based, and to be honest, it sits a bit better with me as a vegetarian (even if the animal hasn't been killed for the cells, it's still a bit ewww, don't you think?) and was told that it works like a very low strength peel, but actually without any peeling afterwards (and without as dramatic results too). I'd probably just think of it more as an intense exfoliation with extra benefits, such as the brightening, tightening and softening of the skin etc - all of which are temporary. Still, £65 for 3 lovely facials (even with temporary benefits) isn't bad at all.

The procedure is pretty much like that of any other facial, in that they will cleanse and exfoliate your skin before using the stem cell mask (which is DermaQuest, just in case you were wondering) and then following up with the Dermaquest moisturiser! There's not really any massaging, I was told but that's because the products used don't need to be massaged in, they do the work themselves!

I wanted to make it clear that this isn't the same as Denise's treatment, purely because when I Googled her name and Stem Cell Facial, I came up with a YouTube video and a lot of other links that were also nothing like the treatment being offered - and if I did that, then I assume others would too!

The treatment does look quite interesting and I am curious to see what results could be gained by it - has anybody had it before? 

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