Sunday, August 28, 2011

Celeb Sunday - Jessie J!

After V Festival last weekend, I just KNEW who I'd be featuring on this week's 'Celeb Sunday' post... it just had to be Jessie J and her GORGEOUS purple hair. It's not the most subtle of looks, teamed with heavy eye make-up AND orange-y lipstick, but it totally works for her (I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off, though).  Also, just LOOK at her nails... love love love, totally over the top but who cares!

Also quite liking her hair below, too. Whaddya think ladies?


  1. I love Jessie J's style! For a lot of celebs the 'I'm so quirky' thing REALLY doesn't work *cough* Katy Perry *cough* but Jessie J just pulls it off.

  2. I went to V festival too! she was amazing i got to watch her whilst standing on the side of the stage by the sound desk. I have a video of it on my blog I'm guessing you was at hylands park because she didnt have this hair when I saw her at weston park. Hope you had a really nice time there!


  3. I like the colour pop in her hair but I still can't picture her without the black colour! Her hair was such a signature statement its hard to picture her with anything else :O x

  4. That last photo of her with the purple hair makes me want to dye my hair purple and get straight fringe bangs. She rocks!

  5. Lily - Totally agree there, I like Katy Perry but for me, she isn't naturally quirky so it doesn't sit so well with her! x

    Cosmetic Crave - Oooh, I'll have a look! Yes I was at Hylands Park, even though Weston Park is actually closer as we went with Mr Beauty Scoop's family. x

    MUIAGBF - True, and I do agree but I also think she looks great with this colour too! x

    Makeup & Macaroons - Tell me about it, I have my hair kind of reddy, purpley, pinky (a mix of, not all of haha) but just makes me want to go more purple - maybe I could have a flash of it put in with my hair so it's not always on show?! x

  6. she is so pretty u love her! hehe
    i wish i was as hot as her hha


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