Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Le Vernis Nail Colour - PÉRIDOT!

This is the much talked about shade from the upcoming fall 2011 collection from Chanel, and I can totally see why it has been talked about so much, it is exquisite! The multichromatic hue is divine, with shades of green, gold and even bronze and turquoise appearing, depending on the lighting and surrounding areas.

It’s a thin-ish polish but still applies like a dream, and was a (rather surprisingly) solid 2 coater! It also dries super quickly, and yet I still managed to knock it – go me!

The overall finish is stunning; it actually looks like I’ve had my nails minxed as it’s so metallic and shiny. I can’t think of any dupes for this, at all – maybe you could franken something together but honestly, I still think it would be incredibly difficult to get a perfect dupe, even doing that.

Close up, the finish of the polish looks like a foiled effect which means it can look like there’s brush strokes showing, but there aren’t – and at any normal distance away it just looks fabulously multichromatic metallic – I don’t even know if that description makes sense, but that’s what it looks like!

Plenty of photos in different lights, as per usual – and especially because of the nature of the polish, hope you like!

Will you be buying this on the 19th? I’ll definitely be trying to get a backup of it - I love it!

PR Sample - Views are my own!


  1. Love it, love it, LOVE it!

    Waiting till I get to the States but this will be mine! x

  2. Thanks girlies, it is indeed a gorgeous polish! GRaphite up tomorrow, also fabulous. x

  3. Claire! Your scoop on Peridot looks awesome! The way you display each color out looks amazing.


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