Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Precision Lip Definer - Rose Cuivre (47) - Swatched!

I used to use lip liner all the time, filling in my lips and then using gloss over the top as I found it to be longer lasting than my previous lipsticks. However, since I’ve had a regained love of lipstick, I’ve been forgetting to use liner quite as much as the lipsticks I have all seem to have great staying power. Anyway (before I drift off topic too much), I was sent this lip liner which is from the Chanel Fall 2011 Collection to try out which reminded me just why I liked using liner on my lips in the first place.
The colour is a kind of plumy, winey hue and is totally perfect for autumn – I was going to describe it as a bit of a dried blood colour too, since Mr Beauty Scoop kept thinking I had a cut when I had swatched it on my hand, but I don’t think that would do it justice. It’s a lovely colour, whatever the words I’d use to describe it are!
When in use, it’s not a completely smooth application, but it doesn’t drag *too* much and isn’t too patchy either – although I wouldn’t recommend just using it on its own as the slightly patchy areas mostly disappear only once blended out with a bit of lip gloss (if using all over the lips), or obviously if covered with your chosen lipstick. I don’t know why but I don’t really like just lining my lips – I think I’m probably paranoid that I’ll end up with just a lip outline at the end of the day or something.
A little patchy, blended without any gloss.
Blended with gloss, although excuse my slap-dash application, I over blended it and smudging when I tried to re-pencil it in, in the end - oops!

Where the liner really stands out for me, is its endurance. It lasts, and lasts and lasts – seriously. See the picture below where I had tried to rub the lip liner off using my fingers. It didn’t budge. It was the same on my lips too, it just stayed put – fab!
Final Thought: I do think this is a great pencil, although not completely without fault – but that is rather easily solved by putting a bit of extra care into application and blending it using the brush that has been (rather helpfully) provided at the other end of the pencil!
It is £17.50, so not a cheap, or budget option however it does come with its own sharpener (which can be anything from £2 to £5.75 for a No7 sharpener), and seems to last quite well too; I’ve used it 3 times now and you can barely tell.

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