Friday, August 26, 2011

Feel Unique Beauty Box - Contents!

I’ve had Glossy Box for quite a while now, since the first box, actually and I’ve been fairly pleased with it for the most part... I’ve had my issues with it, a can of Batiste being a case in point for most people, but also things arriving broken (rather annoyingly a body oil that ended up ruining a dress and covering everything in the box with it) or missing completely.

I decided that I’d give the Feel Unique equivalent a trial, figuring it couldn’t hurt to do so... so here are my thoughts on what I received!

In the box there were 6 items, I haven’t tested them out yet, I’m purely reporting back on the contents of the box and if I thought it was worth signing up to:

bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara 5ml (Full Size 10ml £16 RRP) – I don’t think this is too bad for a sample, it’s half sized and that would make it worth roughly £8 at full retail cost (although you can get the full tube for less if you shop around, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll work from the RRP), and, as with most mascara, should last quite a while.
Thalgo Spray Frigimince, 50ml (Full Size 150ml £27 RRP) – This is a toning and refining spray, 1/3 of the full size product, which makes it roughly £9 worth of product (again, if going against full priced product). This is another product that I think should last a decent amount of time, enough to get a feel for the product and if it works for you.
Decléor Aroma Cleanse Mousse, 15ml & Muslin Cloth (Full Size 100ml £24.50 (ish) RRP) – This is a product that I actually bought the full size of prior to receiving it in this box, but haven’t got around to using yet. The amount you get is 15% of the full size product, and worth roughly £3.68. I’m not entirely sure that this is quite enough to get a good feel for the product if I am honest, although I have read that you don’t need to use much on each occasion so maybe you could get a decent amount of usage out of it if this is the case.

Xen-Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self Tan in Light/Medium, 30ml (Full Size 236ml £24.99 RRP) – This is a gradual tanner and if I am honest, one I’m slightly disappointed to receive. My problem being that if it’s a gradual tanner, you’re probably going to need to apply it a few times before getting to the shade you want, and there’s simply not enough here to cover your body, maybe even once... let alone 2, 3 or even 4 times. I know it’s a sample, but for me, I just don’t think I could get a good feel for this product from the amount given. It’s approximately 12.7% of the full size product which equates to £3.17 (ish) value.

Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum (see below), 2ml (Full Size 40ml upwards £39.00 RRP) - I’ve got to say, this is another disappointment, don’t get me wrong... I love the scent (it’s one I am currently lusting after) but it’s something I could probably get for free in a department store if I asked for it. Yes you get a feel for the product as it’s a perfume so you don’t need that much, but I just think it’s a bit much to include something that you could very easily get, and for free if you really wanted to try it out. Value wise, it’s 5% of the smaller sized bottle of fragrance and worth approximately £1.95... or free (sorry, can’t let that one drop, ha).

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, 20ml (Full Size 150ml £25.00 approx) – This is an intensive hair treatment and you get 13.4% of the full size product, working out to be roughly £3.35 worth of product. I don’t know what to make of the amount in all honesty, maybe if you have short hair it would be plenty, but for people with long hair, I’m just not sure how far this would go and whether you’d see any benefit in the maybe one use you’d get from it.

Total ‘value’ of the box is £29.15 which doesn’t seem too bad for the £10 I paid (including delivery) and the products aren’t too bad, but I wasn’t wowed... although I do think that I have been somewhat spoiled by Glossy Box and their full sized products. I’m going to give it one more delivery to see what I get and see if it’s something I’ll be continuing with or not.

What do you think of the box, have you had one? Did you get the same? Would you be pleased with these contents?

Feel Unique Beauty Boxes can be found here!


  1. I really love the look of this box! I would be very happy to have paid £10 for all that! :)

    Im going to look into it now, i never signed up to glossybox and not really interested in boudoir prive!

    Great post hun :) xxx

  2. Hmm now this box does look interesting - I can spot several brands I actually know. I may give this a try, as I am still on the fence with Boudoir Prive! :/

  3. I love shopping on Feel Unique and until this post had no idea they were doing their own beauty box!

    I hadn't signed up to Glossybox as the reviews were very mixed and I'm not sure that Boudoir Prive is my cup of tea - may have to give FeelUnique a go :)

    Thanks for sharing xxx

  4. This box looks fab! I've just subscribed so hopefully when my box arrives in October it'll be just as good! x

  5. Glad you like the look of it girls, I do think I was a little spoiled by Glossybox and their full size products... and Boudoir Prive, well I could never even sign up for that as they made it near on impossible, it seems, so the less said about that one, the better haha.

    I think the Feel Unique box is a more accessible box with brands you're more likely to have heard of yet hadn't tried yet. I think it's nice, for a lot of people, to be able to afford the products afterwards if you like them. x

  6. I signed up today after reading your post last week!

  7. Unfortunately I signed up too late and I have to wait for the October box. :(
    How do you rate thE Thalgo spray? I'd like to try it. :)


  8. I have just signed up for the Feel Unique box after reading your post. Also signed up for the Amarya organic one. First boxes next month - can't wait!

  9. The beauty box i order has just arrived! i am gonna splash my nails and do my hair tonight cant wait. whoo. Nice review i bought based on this. Thanks claire

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