Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pandora Silver Bracelet Offer - Today Only @ The Jewel Hut!!

This isn't strictly beauty related in the cosmetic sense, but it is an offer for somethings that I think are very pretty, and really just wanted to let you know, just in case you wanted to take advantage of the offer!

From now, until midnight tonight The Jewel Hut are offering a FREE silver Pandora bracelet to people who spend over £125 on other Pandora items, such as charms, bracelets, neckwear, earrings and watches etc. I think this is a really good offer as it means you can spend the £125 on a few charms for the free bracelet, where you'd usually have to pay for the bracelets on top, which would be an extra £60 on top.

As you'd expect, stock is subject to availability and it's all on a first come, first served basis until the offer ends later on tonight. Just add the items you want to buy to your cart and the free bracelet will be automatically added to your cart, once the £125 on relevant items has been achieved.

I've been lusting after a bracelet for a while, but unfortunately for me, this offer comes at a time where I just can't justify spending on that right now (arrrgh)! If I could justify it right now, I think I'd be spending a lot as I only ventured a few pages into the charm selection and managed to put 10 charms in my basket, at a total of £525... and that's without the £720 gold/diamond one (below) that I spied whilst I was looking.

What do you think of this offer, ladies? Do you like Pandora jewellery? x

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