Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Kim Kardashian & The Wonder of Wearing Heels to Enhance Your Figure!!

These pictures of Kim at an airport, recently really show what a difference a pair of heels can do to your figure. Now I love heels, but don't wear them very often as they're quite ouchy on my feet but this has made me wonder if the ouchy might actually be worth suffering, even if I'll never look as good as she does, heels or not - ha!

What do you think girlies, would you prefer painful feet or a less flattering figure?


  1. i'd wear long skirts and skip heels :P and wear heels with tight fitting jeans... hehe gotta be strategic! *vainpot, I know* LOL great post!

  2. Haha this post made me giggle. The heels def make a huge improvement though I have to say I'm not crazy about her jeans, or shoes, or cardigan lol miaaooww!

    Nic xx

  3. If I'm fully honest, I don't see a big difference really!

  4. Jamie - Haha yep, when you're a girl who doesn't want bad feet, you really do need to know how to be strategic with your heel wearing haha. x

    Nic - No me either, although I guess she was mostly dressing for comfort if flying somewhere so I'll let her off lol! xx

    Holly - Really? I thought the shape of her bottom and legs looked loads better in heels than without. x

  5. If you have a fat ass and you're 5ft nothin' then light denim does you no favours whatsoever!

  6. I saw this post only today... it IS amazing the differece!! :) but i don't like those jeans either!! And the white socks?!?! haha ;)

    BUT i confess: i'm tiny so i wear heals all the time ;) (not that high, but anyway...!)

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