Saturday, November 5, 2011

Clinique's 'Service As You Like It' Concept!

I love this idea from Clinique, it completely appeals to my eternal shopping dilemma of either being ignored at counters, or being overly pestered when all I want to do is browse and swatch at my own leisure!

"The latest must-have shopping accessory: The colourful, convenient and innovative new Clinique Service As You Like It wrist bands offer consumers a shopping experience that’s on their agenda. Each complimentary coloured band represents a style of shopping; whether you have time to talk, are in a rush or would just like to browse. Choosing and wearing one of these three coloured wrist bands signifies to the Consultants how the consumer would like to shop."

  • Green – I have time. Let’s talk
  • White – Time is of the essence
  • Pink – Browsing and happy

These bands would make it very clear to any assistants whether you need help, would like to browse at your own leisure or be left alone completely. Of course, your feelings may change whilst at the counter, if you see a product that you want to know more about but I'm sure if this were to be the case, that you could change your band quickly, or approach a member of staff about your query regardless.

Clinique Service As You Like It complimentary wrist bands are available on counter now in Selfridges Oxford Street, House of Fraser Meadowhall, House of Fraser Glasgow, Debenhams Leeds and Fenwick Newcastle. Unfortunately not in Manchester, yet but I'm hoping that it will roll out at all counters in the very near future!

Have you used these yet? If so, did you find them useful?


  1. What an amazing idea, finally company's are realising that every customer is different, sometimes they need a little help, other times a heavy sales pitch will actually drive them away.
    If only every shop could adopt this policy.

  2. Surely an assistant will have to stop you to explain the system? I think I'd rather sales assistants weren't forced to be so pushy, and just learnt to be polite and available.....;-)


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