Thursday, November 24, 2011

EOTD - Featuring My YSL & Chanel Favourites!

I've been totally in love with my Yves Saint Laurent Midnight Garden Palette and Chanel's Illusiuon D'Ombres, especially in Épatant ever since I got them, and think they work really well together, so this is another EOTD using them, but in a slightly different way!

This time I used the gorgeous forest green AND the beautiful purple from the YSL palette with the Chanel Épatant - and I think it worked out quite well, especially as I was in a rush to get ready after being out during the day of the party (my nephews birthday party) and didn't have much time to get ready!

I forgot to curl my lashes, and also I only put a light coat of mascara on (shhhh) but it didn't affect my night and we had a great time all the same - nobody died. ;-)

As per usual, these photographs are end of the night fodder, so they're not the best and neither if my full face below, but you get the idea and next time I'll try to remember to take a photo before I leave the house!

Any tips for me to be more organised? Ha! x

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