Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chanel Fall 2011 Illusion D'Ombres, 84, ÉPATANT - Swatched!

Chanel Illusion D’ombre is a long wear gel eyeshadow from the upcoming fall 2011 make-up collection and shade 84, ÉPATANT is every bit as stunning as I hoped it would be, the colour is exquisite, totally to die for. Depending on the lighting, it can be kind of gunmetal-y, silver even, but also khaki too in other lights and has a whole load of reflective metallic particles thrown in there too... perfect!

As you can see in my swatches, the colour appears to be more silver on my hand, but then on my eye ‘swatches’ (sorry for the naked rest of eye and skin) the khaki really comes through. I’ve posted plenty of photographs just to show you the light catching it in different ways, although I am sure none of them do it all the justice that it deserves.

Application: USE THE BRUSH... no seriously, use it – it’s actually a decent brush, specially designed for this formula, and also the best way to get the product onto your skin I’ve found. It has dual usage too as you can use the flat side of the brush to apply as an eyeshadow, but you can also use the edge of the brush to apply the product as eyeliner too – I love that it’s so versatile!

The gel-like consistency is very easy to work with; it’s soft and blends beautifully and is a complete pleasure to use! It’s amazingly buildable, you can go from a very sheer covering, right up to a full on metallic effect with ease and with a great finish on both. You don’t need to use a lot of product either; I used a very light hand with both swatches (and my eye swatch) with great results!
They weren’t kidding when they said this was a long-wear product. I have had it on for hours and there has been no creasing, no smudging or even fading – I am totally impressed. In the past I made a decision to stick to powder eyeshadows after numerous failed attempts with cream like consistencies, but not anymore - you really do get what you pay for with these. I am a complete convert and will be (happily) buying the rest of the collection at £22.50 each when it comes out on August 19th (although I do still have one more of these to swatch for you)!

PR Sample - Views are my own!


  1. Ooh not long until it's out, I so want some of these!

  2. want to try this! looks lovely. x

  3. Cherry - I know, exciting. I'm so lucky to get to try some of the collection early but I'll definitely be purchasing much of the rest of it - and possibly back ups too if these are all LE! x

    Fiona - It's truly stunning, I have been blown away by it. x

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