Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - RIP Amy Winehouse!

Whichever way you look at what happened, it is a very sad situation, for a young girl to lose her life at just 27. Whilst many people may not have agreed with her lifestyle choices, hopefully they'll still be able to acknowledge what a huge loss her death has been, both musically to her fans/music lovers across the world and personally to her friends and family.

I thought hard about posting this up, since this is a beauty blog and because of the circumstances that it has come about; however I thought it might be nice to put up some photographs that didn't show her looking at her worst. In fact, I personally think she was probably looking more at her best in the images above!

RIP Amy! 


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  2. Personally I'm feeling so sad to hear about her death she is very good lady she lives her life with joy her obviously many peoples do not like her lifestyle but she is wonderful lady. I listened many songs which sung by her and enjoy them all.

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