Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Botox Diaries - Frown Line Day 16.... & Forehead Day 1!

I haven’t updated on my Botox on here for a little while as I thought that rather than posting slight changes every day, I’d just post the final effect as it could have been a bit dull for you all to see so many (weird) frown-y photographs of me! So here are photographs of my frown line, or lack of today. You can also see the actual movement I have in that area  in the video (at the bottom of the page) as I think that whilst I look incredibly odd on it, it is actually quite useful to see!
I went for a check up this morning in Worsley with the lovely Dr Martin Kinsella (Re-Enhance Clinic, Hale) who said the ‘Botoxed’ area looked great and didn’t need a top up. He did however give me 2 injections into my forehead in a bid to try to conceal the dent that I acquired last Christmas when I fell onto my head. My forehead lines weren’t incredibly prominent to start with, but they should still also see the benefit from the small amount of Botox that was administered in the area. I’ll keep you updated with my progress!
 This photograph is brutal and taken in brutal light too, sorry!

I’ve got to say, I have been impressed yet again by Martin Kinsella, his knowledge, skill and the way he works and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to you if you’re thinking about having ‘work’ done, which is why I am going to put a permanent link to his site in my side bar.
I’ll be visiting his main clinic sometime in the not too distant future, so will be sure to tell you all about it when I do! :-)

See more reviews of his Clinic on Wahanda.


  1. So far so good. I like the results. It is well done.

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  2. Thanks so much for this!! I had botox for the first time today and have been fretting about what I'm going to look like once it develops...seeing you looking so great has put my mind at rest! :)

  3. Being a botox newbie I was pretty terrified by the prospect of injecting poison into my face so we agreed that I would just have a little "baby botox" around my eyes. She gave me 10 units, just around my crow's feet, which is a very minimal amount . We then discussed other things that I could do to improve my . cheek lift

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