Monday, July 11, 2011

MAC & Chanel Mini Haul!

I had a little spend at weekend, I say a little spend but it was still almost £50 (but don't tell Mr Beauty Scoop) on 3 items. Still the 3 items are pretty worth it, in my opinion anyway!
I treated myself to Chanel's Miami Peach (203) Le Vernis nail polish which I will swatch very soon. I had this in my shopping cart at but I spent so long dithering over what else to buy that it went out of stock. Panic ensued and I took to Twitter, hoping somebody might know where I could find it but to no avail! Luckily I was able to pick it up in store at Debenhams in Milton Keynes (where I was, visiting the almost in-laws)! It's such a beautiful colour in the bottle and I have seen some lovely swatches, so hopefully it will look just as good on my nails!

I then stopped by the MAC counter as I really wanted to have a proper look at the new collections, Fashion Flower and Semi Precious (eyes in particular)! I could have spent a fortune, but unfortunately because I had Mr Beauty Scoop with me, there was no way to hide what I was buying, so I plumped for Golden Gaze, a very shimmery blackened gold hue that I've been lusting after ever since I saw it on! I will have to buy the other shades that I want, online - ha!
I also managed to justify buying Prep+Prime Line Filler Base whilst there as I said it could be good for disguising the dent in my forehead that I acquired on a night out at Christmas (last year) when I fell over coming out of the hotel and landed on my head (literally, my head was the first thing to hit the floor), leaving a huge dent where it hit. At the time I didn't think I would be left with a permanent reminder, but as time has gone on this appears to be the case. Anyway, this reason seemed to sit well with Mr Beauty Scoop and so it was purchased - result! Now if I could just think of similar reasons for me to be able to openly buy ALL the items I want, that would be great!

I'll be swatching, reviewing and posting about each item individually so please do come back to see more!!


  1. Love all of this - will you let us know if the line filler works well? I've got a scar above my lip that it would be great for if it does!

  2. Of course, I'll take some pictures. I saw a photo on temptalia just on her hand and it really did smooth her skin out so I have high hopes for this - if I can manage to use it as it should haha. x

  3. Wow, Golden Gaze looks soooo pretty!

  4. It's stunning, I adore it. Swatches very soon! x

  5. I always tell the mister little porkies about where I got things, unfortunately he's been to MAC enough times with me to know that the stuff isn't cheap! The polish looks gorgeous, such a nice summer colour.x

  6. Haha I'm worried that Mr Beauty Scoop might start getting wise. He asked how much the line filler was and I told him £12.. only a couple of £ less than it was but hopefully enough to put him off the scent for future haha. x


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