Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Philosophy, Amazing Grace Firming Body Lotion!

Philosophy's Amazing Grace Body Firming Lotion was sent to me just before my holiday and I’ve been using, and loving it ever since.

The lotion (that comes in a large, and very handy pump action bottle) has a fresh, clean scent – kind of like the smell of clean washing which is a lovely smell but not one I’d normally go for in a body lotion (although I definitely will in future), and it’s a scent that really lasts; I’m talking about when you put it on in the afternoon, go on a night out and then are still able to smell it (easily) the next day!! I love fragranced products so this is a real bonus for me. Not only does it smell lovely but it has made my skin buttery soft and smooth too!

It’s fairly thick for a lotion and as you can see in the last photograph, it holds its shape, a little bit like a stiff meringue (but without all the air) and a little goes a very long way. The small amount in the photograph above is actually more than ample to do my full arm, shoulder and part of my neck/chest area. It’s also very easily absorbed, almost instantly in fact yet is still deeply moisturising!

I sometimes suffer with those dry little lumps on the tops of my arms, but using this moisturiser has really sorted out the few I had at the time when I started using the it, and has kept any more coming back too.

On the bottle it warns that it’s ‘for external use only’ and whilst it amazes me that there probably are some people that actually need to be told this, I do hope that it’s not because somebody did actually try to drink it, in the hope that it would firm them from the inside – imagine that, ha!

This body lotion is beautiful, and I’m so glad I got given the chance to try it out, as honestly it’s stunning... and possibly not something that would have caught my eye otherwise. Available from QVC for £26.50 plus £4.45 postage, which isn’t exactly cheap but I think worth it (my motto is to spend where it makes a difference and save in other areas); and as a small amount goes a long way, it’s probably going to last a lot longer than a cheaper lotion too, so it’s probably a bit more economical than you’d think!

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  1. Thanks so much for this review - I've been thinking about Philosophy stuff for ages, it all looks amazing - bit its so expensive!

  2. You're welcome lovely, it is expensive but worth it imo. I love that the scent lasts for ages too, am convinced that if I didn't shower for a couple of days that my skin would still smell of the cream. Unfortunately that's not a trial I'm wanting to do in this heat though, haha! x


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