Thursday, July 14, 2011

ORLY Pin Up Collection - Coquette Cutie!

When I saw the ORLY ‘Pin Up’ Collection online, I immediately had to have it; especially the pinks as they were really calling out to me. I’ve now received the 3 that I ordered (2 pinks and the purple) so will be swatching them individually and letting you know my thoughts!
No Flash, natural daylight - although a bit dull!

Coquette Cutie is probably my favourite from the collection, it’s a bright, in your face pink – perfect for summer months and looks especially good with a tan (although mine is fading). It’s a glossy crème and my swatches show it with no topcoat as it was perfectly shiny enough – plus I always want to see the wear time without a topcoat to give a true indication of how well it lasts.
No Flash, natural daylight - although a bit dull again
This leads me to its staying power... this is almost indestructible, seriously. I applied it on the 9th, I am still wearing it today and there is not a single chip. To be honest, even the tip wear is minute – I can only see the tiniest amount of it if I look closely. I am extremely impressed.

Application was fine; it took a good 2 coats to get a decent finish (not flimsy thin coats), although I did 3 just for the sake of the photographs, as they seem to show transparency etc even if there’s none to look at in reality, so to speak!
Couple of raindrops!

My swatches show the polish in different lights as this really can alter how the polish appears, in terms of hue, however the first photograph and the video swatch (below) are definitely the most accurate in terms of how it appears mostly (maybe just a tiny bit less blue as it was really quite a difficult colour to photograph).

The video shown at the bottom was filmed about 5 minutes ago, so you can see how well the polish has lasted - I added a tip on the middle finger using the purple from the ORLY 'Pin Up' Collection too - just wanted to see what it was like and couldn't wait any longer, ha!

Like is?


  1. Just awesome.. such a pretty post.. I really like the nail color. Just Wow!!!

  2. I'm glad you like it, it's a beautiful colour. :-)

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