Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Haul - YSL Goodies!

It's confession time again, I am posting another haul... a rather expensive haul but oh so worth it! These the YSL goodies I bought on a recent visit to Manchester!

I bought 6 lipsticks and one eye shadow palette (as you can see) and they are all bloody lovely. Let me show you in a bit more detail.

Rouge Voluptes!

Rouge Volupte: Numbers 8 and 9, Rose Fetiche (Fetish Pink) and Rose Carresse (Pink Caresse).

Rouge Volupte: Numbers 11 and 19, Rose Frivole (Frivolous Pink) and Rose Culte.

I haven't re-photographed No 10, Provocative Pink as you've seen it in these posts here and here, and also it's a competition prize so I didn't want to open it when not necessary!
Rouge Pur: Number 126, Rose Cachemire (Cashmere Pink).

I also bought the Rouge Pur lipstick in Cashmere Pink which is up for grabs in my competition HERE!

The 'Ombres 5 Lumieres' (5 Colour Harmony for Eyes) I bought is palette 7, Bronze Gold and is a beautifully presented shadow palette containing, yes you guessed it, 5 eye shadows! I've been lusting after these for a while, and I have my eye on at least 2 more in the very near future. 
Do you likey my lovelies? x


  1. Really great haul! It must have cost a bomb but so worth it!

  2. WOW now THAT is a haul :). Love it! :)


  3. Eeee, gorgeous stuff you have there! That eyeshadow palette looks diviiine!

  4. Oh wow v.expensive haul. Im loving the lipstick shades!
    <3 xo

  5. that is one expensive haul, damn v jealous only got 1! :) x

  6. OMG What an amazing haul! Everything looks gorgeous!

  7. The eyeshadows and lipsticks are gorgeous!


  8. I just nearly died of excitement looking at your haul - love the palette and fetish pink :-)

  9. Love the haul!! I've heard so many good things about those lipsticks, might have to purchase some myself :)


  10. I love how pigmented the lipsticks are, such feminine colours!

  11. I like the lipstick no11 - I recently received no107, not sure it suits me tho. I like how smooth they feel on the lips.
    Also got the new eye palette, fall 2011 - it's gorgeous!!! Check out my blog if you interested in the colours. :)


  12. Thanks lovely ladies, they are indeed gorgeous lipsticks. I'm totally loving wearing them too! The eyeshadows are amazing too, love them. Will swatch very soon. x x


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