Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jonathan Ward London - Santissima Amalfi Candle!

In yesterday’s post I received quite possibly one of the most beautifully scented and luxurious candles, ever. It’s the new Limited Edition ‘Santissima Amalfi’ candle from Jonathan Ward, London (their first EVER Limited Edition, no less!) and it is a complete delight.

"Our limited edition Santissima Amalfi scented candle is hand-poured in a collectable, white, hand-blown crystal jar from Parma, Italy.

A platform of Arabian Myrrh, Frankincense and Bourbon Vetiver intermingle to allow fresh Italian Pomodoro and Rose de Mai to blend creating a unique scent of depth and complexity.

A truly unique candle, perfect for summer."

Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Arabian Myrrh, Italian Tomato, Black Pepper Malabar, Oud, Rose de Mai, Bourbon Vetiver

Upon opening the box, I was immediately hit with the stunning scent and let me tell you now, it really is divine. The scent actually filled the room very quickly, without the candle even being lit.

It’s quite difficult to describe the fragrance (harder than I first expected, actually) as it has quite a clean, fresh smell to it but it’s also very complex as there are times where I feel it smells quite zesty, and at others I feel like it’s more of a spicy scent. It’s very much a unisex fragrance; the reason I say this is because Mr Beauty Scoop said it smells 'a bit like perfume' and I thought it to be a bit more like an aftershave – either way, it’s lovely.
It actually seemed like a shame to light the candle, but it would also be a waste not to as that is what it is made for, after all. Two wicks ensure an even burn and also make the fragrance throw much more intense to my nose.
It’s not the cheapest candle you’ll ever buy at £35, but don’t let that put you off as you get 45 hours of pure pleasure with this baby, which equates to about 77p per hour – a bargain if you think of it like that, no? Plus it’s a nice way to treat yourself (or be treated) without resorting to buying a big bar of chocolate, which at roughly £1, would last about 5 minutes and take at least 5 hours of (hard)exercise to work it off to boot.

Also, to get the best from your candle, there’s a very useful guide on the bottom of the candle (shown below) to help you... in fact, recently Jonathan Ward (on Twitter) referred to them as candle laws! So ignore them at your own risk! ;-)
There’s a more comprehensive ‘Care & Maintenance’ guide on the Jonathan Ward, London website:

Once you have enjoyed your candle, you will be left with the hand-blown crystal jar so I decided to paste below what the JW website suggests for further use and also the cleaning of the jar!

"We suggest using the crystal jar as a great cappuccino glass. It can also be used a great juice glass. To remove all traces of wax and prepare for using as a drinking vessel, you should follow the simple instructions below:
  • fill jar with boiling water and washing up liquid
  • leave for 5-6 hours
  • all wax should solidify and be easily disposed of, then the jar can be washed out as normal and dried."


Buy directly from the website:

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  1. Ohhh this sounds beautiful - I'm dying to try one of these but finding it so difficult to choose! Jonathan has very kindly offered to help so I will be emailing him this week!
    Nic x

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